Securing Your Valves From Tampering

Our equipment is very valuable and shouldn’t be tampered with.  This is why when we have devices that can be opened and closed with a valve, we lock it or keep the valve from being turned.  Valves are attached to pipes.  When we turn the valve the contents of the pipe can flow clearly.  When we turn the valve the other way it closes.  This is why using a pro-lock valve lock system can prevent people from just opening valves that shouldn’t be.


Gas valves help seal off gas leaks.  Gas is a very noxious and combustible material.  If gas were to leak into an area that it shouldn’t the fumes could easily overcome people causing them to get sick.  Also, if someone were to light a match or create a spark in some way this gas could easily combust causing a fire or explosion.


Water is the most natural element on the planet.  We have water everywhere.  When water flows it follows the path of least resistance.  What this means is that it will go wherever it is easiest to go.  With this freedom of movement water needs to be contained.  Using a valve will help us prevent water from flowing where it shouldn’t. 

Water can cause a lot of damage when coming in contact with electricity, porous materials and if allowed to sit pooled for long periods of time.  This is why ensuring that it is blocked off and locked off is very important.

pro-lock valve lock system


When using a lock on your valves we are just protecting the pipes, the content and the area the pipes are in.  Having someone just open a valve can be very dangerous.  There is a reason why we have them closed off, and just opening them for no reason can cause a lot of damage.  So make sure that your valves are closed and locked.